The Talented And Magnificent RVP
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The Talented And Magnificent RVP

Despite being a Berbatov devotee, I was never skeptical about United signing Robin Van Persie. I was a little sad though, as it meant even lesser game time for the Bulgarian. Sir Alex kept saying Berbatov’s talents needed no heralding and he was not played only because he wouldn’t suit the fast paced game that United are trying to adapt to. He is definitely leaving then I guessed. I for one, would never let Berbatov leave in  my FIFA Career. Yes he probably has a sprint speed of 60, an acceleration of even less. But vision, style, passing and creativity, I would have rated him 99. Given the option, I would have also changed Ball Control attribute to a slider (instead of number out of 100) with levels Amateur, Professional, World Class, Legendary, Berbatov. A few days later he left for Fulham. Sigh. It wasn’t earth shattering as when Scholes retired (the first time) or when Fergie retired. I understand and have come to terms with the whole its-time-and-we-have-to-move-on stuff. But it was nevertheless deeply upsetting to lose such a talent. Little did I know then, that I was going to feel the same way for Van Persie too.

Ball Control Levels : Amateur < Professional < World Class < Legendary < Berbatov

Ball Control Levels : Amateur < Professional < World Class < Legendary < Berbatov

One of my Arsenal supporting friends told me it was a steal what we did and he sincerely hopes Persie breaks his leg after a few matches. They made him their public enemy number one. Called him Judas. A traitor. Probably the “little boy” comment “pissed” them off I guess. But the same Arsenal fans didn’t have that level of animosity towards Fabregas joining Chelsea. Yes, it broke their hearts awww, but no! he is not a traitor! it seems. (So, is it ok if you go and stay at a hotel for a few months and come back and join your rival club? What logic da dei ! Wait a minute.. Frank Lampard you cheeky bastard!)

Well maybe he was a traitor ! How dare he turns his back on things ! Robin could have gone to Manchester City and played with the likes of Silva, Aguero and Yaya Toure. They might forget the occasional birthday wish at Eastlands, but hey he could have had his very own private helicopter! Dined with the Sheikh ! Probably cut the ribbons for a brand new 2022 Fifa World cup stadium! Could have at the very least ensured Shaqueel Van Persie gets his own maximum-karat gold shining sports car that spam mails inform us kids acquainted with middle east wealth usually tend to have. But no. Instead, he chose Tom Cleverley. He chose Oliviera Anderson. He chose Ashley Lord Young. He chose Antonio Valencia and his 5th cross (After the first 4 hits the 1st defender). He bloody chose football. The nerve of him !

Don't be Silly ! Of course he chose me !

Don’t be Silly ! Of course he chose me !

I have always found something beautiful about the Dutch. Something very sexy. Something classy. Amsterdam and its weed brownies. Johan Cryuff and total football. Dennis Bergkamp and his vision. Van Nistelrooy and his clinical finishing. Wesley Sneijder’s Fifa-ish Air through balls. Arjen Robben’s mazy runs. Robin Van Persie and his wonder of a left foot. That oh so sweet, handcrafted-by-god left foot ! The same left foot that converted Evra’s woeful cross into a genius finish to mark his arrival at Old Trafford. I would in fact even do a separate post on his left foot alone, but actually Robin’s right is not that bad either. Like the goal against West Ham from a Giggs long pass or that overhead kick against Leverkusen proves it. He just appears so one footed given his left foot is freakishly good.

Btw, Arsenal Fans, How is Welbeast? Enga veetu Velakkaari.. Unga veetu Ejamaani amma?

Btw, Arsenal Fans, How is Welbeast?
Enga veetu Velakkaari.. Unga veetu Ejamaani amma?

Also, like the best strikers in the business, Van Persie too, is a showman. His celebrations are very entertaining. He is also very passionate about his game and about his team and this passion oozes out with his celebrations. Whether be it the time he ran half the pitch towards Louis Van Gaal (after only scoring the most awesome header of recent times) or the time he ran towards Fergie after breaking a 11 game goal drought or when he threw his Jersey in the air after equalizing against Chelsea in the 90th minute last season despite being well aware of the shirt-take-off-you-get-yellow-card rule or be it the screaming slide after scoring against Arsenal with his shoulder, his passion, his love for the game and for United has always been consummate.

Give me that Yellow Card  Referee! I Dare you !  I Double dare you !

Give me that Yellow Card Referee! I dare you ! I double dare you !

I would definitely be condemned to the worst of hells if I go on any further without mentioning ‘that’ volley. The pass with a spin from Rooney, The bending run from Persie, The hang time on the ball during which the 76000 in Old Trafford and millions watching held their breath, The sounds of anticipation, The perfect contact between boot and ball, The sweet sound of the strike, The “Vannn Persssssiiiiiiiiieeee” from the commentator and a rooted, open-mouthed, bald Brad Guzan. Absolutely top class !

So long ! to London and the Gunners he said,
No thanks ! Man City and your golden bed !
Oh ! The talented and magnificent Robin Van Persie !
You listened to the little boy screaming Red Jersey !

The Champion in you, Sir Alex saw,
30 you hit and held millions in awe !
That header ! That free kick ! That VOLLEY !
Oh ! That Guard of Honor in their own back alley !

The Great man went and then came Moyes,
Heartbroken you were, leaving him with little choice.
Van Gaal replaced, from own Dutch country,
Yet, Rooney made Captain and Robin only a sentry !

Never complained and never did you groan !
For once a Red, You were always our own !
Short in time and years, You may have been,
Yet, truly magical moments we all have seen !

Thank you very much Robin !

The Talented Robin Van Persie.

He Came. He Scored. He Conquered !

Written by Vishnu Gowtham – Graduate Student at Singapore. Data Scientist by Work. Football Fanatic by Nature. #GGMU

  • Sai Prasath
    Posted at 13:05h, 22 October

    Fantastic Article Man. Love your writing. Nailed it with the poem at the end. Given his current turmoils at Fehnerbace, I feel like crying for him. Only player I wish LvG hadn’t wielded the axe over. Top Top Lad.

  • Vishnu Gowthem
    Posted at 11:17h, 19 August

    Thanks Santosh 🙂

  • Santhosh Kumar
    Posted at 14:55h, 17 August

    Fantastic depiction 🙂 Even though not a follower of football during the Berbatov Era or his legacy , after your write up gonna watch all of them for BErbatov and Robin on youtube. Thanks Vishnu !! great going 🙂

  • Vishnu Gowthem
    Posted at 01:47h, 16 August

    Thank you Sanjay ! 🙂 🙂

    I dint mention about the derby goal, the olympiakos hat trick, that trick against madrid, that curler against west brom and so much more too. The more I think more I miss him. 😐 🙁

  • Sanjay Kumar
    Posted at 19:34h, 14 August

    1. Cleverley
    2. Valencia and his 5 th cross.
    3. Lampard :v
    4. Bald guzan
    5. Welbeck sambandhamae illama 😀
    6. City and birthday wish

    Orae kallula ethana maanga _/\_

    And u forgot to add rvp’s cantona-esque celebration

    I hope you write every week vichu!

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