The Story of A United Fan Girl
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The Story of A United Fan Girl

OMG, Isn’t he the cutest?” – A sentence that I hear most often in a high pitch( Proably only dogs could hear) squeal whenever I mention the word David Beckham or Lionel Messi to my girlfriends. This, is in 2015. Travel back 13 years with me.

May 2002- As a 15 year old girl, I learnt about a tiny little bone that none of my teachers had ever mentioned- METATARSAL. I added my prayers to the million others that probably made God’s room look like the one from Bruce Almighty. “Please God, let him be fit. I will give up anything.” You see I have been a United fan ever since I heard the words “Beckham’s corner- SOLKSJAER. Manchester United have reached the promised land” The Nou Camp 99, treble night and the fact that a United player was going to lead England at the WC made me exhilarated.

In 2002- Indian’s were not into football as they are today. It was the time of John Dykes, Shebby Singh and the fabulous Jamie Reeves. It was the time of Harsha Boghle’s ESPN school quiz. It was the time of rushing home from school on Thursdays to catch Andy Panders on “Football Crazy”. It was the time of dial up internet. You had to depend on Sportsstar to get your football fix. I still have about 300 of those stashed away in my parent’s house (don’t tell my mom). No fan clubs, no fb groups, no hotstar- Niente.

When Beckham released his book “My Side” in 03 I tried “Saama,dhana,bedha, dhandam” until some relative from London relented and sent me a copy. I forfeited a year’s pocket money and scoured the entire city for a United Jersey ( Where was Dollars and Pounds when you need it).You would be hard pressed to find the light switches in my room- the walls were covered floor to ceiling in United pictures, along with a Michael Schumacher, Marat Safin and Kurt Cobain here and there. Every time there was a champions league game, someone at home was tasked with waking me up at midnight. I was the quintessential United Super fan.

After all these years, all the heartache and triumphs I still find “Naethikku Vandha United Fans” sniggering at me when I say that I am a United fan. The reason, they have a Y chromosome. Is there some kind of genetic code in there that makes only men be able to understand football? Granted there are men, especially these days who take me seriously, but that is more of an exception than a rule. In their defense though, we live in a world where girls say “David Beckham is cute”, “Dicaprio is cute”, “Jon Snow is cute”, “A cat scratching his bloody nose is cute”

I am a red through and through. I love NIRVANA, I geek out totally at Game of thrones , C# coding gives me happiness, Tarantino movies thrill me. To all the girls out there who love football, embrace it. Speaking as the mother of a 4 year old, who refused to eat for two days because Robin Van Persie left United, I tell you, you will turn out great!


Harshni Diwakar, 27 year old sports buff and Supports United, Kimi Raikonnen and Stan Wawrinka. A Nirvana Fan, avid Throner, book nerd and all out geek.

  • varun
    Posted at 22:58h, 20 August

    Wow Harshini this is awesome. I started supporting United from 2000 but football started with Brazil in 1998.. John dykes, Harsha bhogle n sports centre wer the only place from where we got the dose of football… Good going.. GGMU..

    • Harshni
      Posted at 18:28h, 21 August

      Thanks Varun!! I totally forgot sportscentre with Andrew Leci wasn’t it? Those were the days ! Cheers

  • Anonymous
    Posted at 12:17h, 20 August

    Thanks for this brilliant article! Proud to be on of those girls who love football (esp Man Utd)

  • Muthuraman
    Posted at 21:58h, 19 August

    I still remember the first United game I watched. In 96 I think United Vs rest of the world telecasted in Star movies that time. And BTW Collette Wang and Basher, the presenters

  • Aswin Ramachandran
    Posted at 21:26h, 19 August

    “METATARSAL” – More than the school books, I guess Football taught us a lot more 🙂

    • Harshni
      Posted at 16:37h, 20 August

      So true. It isn’t called the beautiful game for nothing!

  • Goutham Rajendran
    Posted at 21:03h, 19 August

    @Harshini: Wow, just wow… It feels great to know that a woman is supporting your favourite team, which is actualy very rare in our country.. Reds Forever, Hi Fi!!!!

  • Balaji
    Posted at 20:51h, 19 August

    Wonderful Article Harshini!!! I was 9 yes old when the 99 champions league final happen. My brother was watching it. He made me to stay awake to watch it. That’s d first ever football match I watched in my life. I dint know anything in football but Manchester united. From that day I’m a fan of united. Since I learnt d game as watching united play!

    On side note : its hard to find a girl who know football other than Messi & Rinaldo 😛

    • Harshni
      Posted at 16:35h, 20 August

      There was something about that game! Seeing Oliver Khan console the Bayern players afterwards, magical!

  • Arjun
    Posted at 03:41h, 14 August

    I’ve got to say, The guy who married you is extremely lucky. Never easy to find an Indian girl so passionate about Football, let alone United fan, that’s just an icing on the cake. Nothing sexist, you just know that only recently there’s been a good number of girls who’ve taken to the beautiful game

    • Harshni
      Posted at 23:16h, 14 August


      You should tell that to him 😛

      I know where you are coming from. I happen to be a big sports buff and it definitely gives us something to talk about.

  • Mauri
    Posted at 03:03h, 14 August

    I am a United fan, also a women, in America. I love your article. Even though I am from a different background, so many of the things you say made me think “YES. EXACTLY.” Thanks for posting! How are you feeling about the upcoming season?

    • Harshni
      Posted at 23:14h, 14 August

      Thanks Mauri!

      Each one of us has a story! I am cautiously optimistic about this season. Don’t wanna jinx anything!

  • Vishnu Gowthem
    Posted at 02:18h, 12 August

    @Harshini, True !
    Every Thursday evening ! They also capture the funny moments of the match week.
    Andy panders obsession with the saints and Pompey. That fat Liverpool guy. That Chinese lady who joined later.
    There hasn’t been a fun filled football show even remotely close.
    Along with all the fun, the analysis was good too. A fan pov rather than the “analysts” pov !

    • Harshni
      Posted at 23:16h, 14 August

      Yup! Collette Wong I think her name was. They should bring that show back.

  • Harshni
    Posted at 05:46h, 10 August

    Thanks guys!

    @Sanjay- Good Question! My thatha used to be a United fan. Couldn’t sleep one night and that just happened to be treble night. I was hooked. But I gotta confess, it helped that David Beckham looked like that too!

    @Vishnu Even though we have so many other shows now, nothing that remotely comes near Football Crazy.Don’t you think?

    @Kavi – Thanks a lot!

  • Kavi mg
    Posted at 08:10h, 09 August

    This is a brilliant article

  • Vishnu Gowthem
    Posted at 05:39h, 08 August

    Very well written Harshni ! 🙂

    John Dykes, Shebby Singh and Jamie Reeves ! That mottai mac who blatantly supports the scousers too !
    But seriously Football Crazy and Andy Panders ftw ! What a show it was !

  • Sanjay Kumar
    Posted at 14:50h, 07 August

    Woah. Thats some story. But u hvnt mentioned how it all started. I mean, for a girl to start watching football and follow it since then is very rare. That too in the Nineties.

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