Step away from the ball and No one gets hurt !
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Step away from the ball and No one gets hurt !

I haven’t been writing much lately. In fact I have written exactly as many posts in the last few years as Abou Diaby’s starts for Arsenal this season. Also, the same number of questions I would correctly answer, if you happen to ask me something/anything from my Engineering subjects. And co-accidentally, the number of people who resist from uploading photos of their recently-married/recently-onsite pona moonjis on facebook.
Then you ask, why now da? why?
Why post something after all these years ?
Like as if something great has been in the making all along !
Making yourself look like Tarantino or Shankar going by their work/years ratio. (See what I did there)
Because a few things happened da. That only opened my eyes !
Atleast I have my eyes opened !

One of those things being my favorite defender Nemanja Vidic leaving Manchester United. Now, Vidic has always been an Adi Aaal (henchman) figure throughout my life. For a 13 year old kid watching football, he made sure I did not have to go through the heart break of watching my team concede a goal every time. He was determined to not make me sad. He protected me. He did the same for his 40 year old goalkeeper. He also did the same for his hothead right back. Vidic is that strong insurance you need in your team, so the Rafaels and Evanses can play confidently. They know any mistake they make, the Great Serb will cover for them. They know any opponent who provokes a fight, will have to go through him to get to them.

Calm down Bitches ! I got this.
Ten sports analyst/Layman terms la classifying, as far as defenders go there are two types:
1. Be there or
2. Get There.
While Vidic is not considered amongst the brainiest of defenders who will already be there types (Like a Mertesacker – with his brilliant positioning despite his awkward height), he will definitely top the list of defenders who will get there by determination types. Vidic will get there to take the ball even if you were the Roadrunner sprinting away.He will get there and disarm you in the most efficient of ways. Even if he slips, he will never give up, wave hands in a depressing manner and blame Life, Earth, Universe like an average English defender would do. Vidic would rather getup and sprint forward without giving up hope and ultimately minimize the damage that were to happen.
Andof course thereis the third type of defender, Don’t be there and Don’t get there ! which thala Evra has been preachinga couple of seasons now withfervid devotion.

Vidic also teaches one to care not for style, but give it all for substance. The Job always comes first. He will probably be best-suited if you had to pick football players for Gladiators. He won’t care if he bleeds. In fact, he will bleed every match if it means the opponent wont score. (And he will smile while bleeding too) He won’t care if he is fractured. He won’t care if Cobb brings a freight train through Old Trafford. Nothing would move him. The job would still come first. He would simply do anything for Manchester United regardless of the consequences. Also, I for one, cannot imagine something that could frighten/scare Vidic. Large lizards or awkwardly hopping frogs or nasty roaches wont disturb him. Not even a flying one! It is infact he who scares the life out of people. It is for this very same reason and the respect he commands, you sneakily move away from viewing the picture of Mrs. Vidic on the Man United WAGS section ! No, not her !
Despite all his toughness, Vidic is a loved footballer. He is ruthless, yes. Aggressive, yes. But he is not hated like Pepe is or Materrazi is. That itself tells you the quality of the work he puts in. Referees will think twice on his tackles to give penalties. Not out of fear of him, but dubious because of the efficiency of the guy. And no matter how he left them flying through the air during the 90 mins, his shirt will still be sought after by players at the end of the match.
There are people who would criticize him for leaving a team when they are in trouble, but for me, he is probably saving awkwardness and trouble for the club he loves, as he has been declining a little (still managing to be our best defender this season) and will get old in a couple of years, making the club mull over a one-year-extension/should-we-tell-bye-bye situation. Clear, decisive and showing the way always !

Thank you Nemanja for showing me football is much more than life or death. Thank you for giving your team everything even when all was lost at times. Thank you for being that stronghold who protects me from the Chezhians (Chelsea fan) and the Saamis (Arsenal fan) of the world, for no one ever picks on Nemanja Vidic. Thank you for being that awesome defender you are that made Ronaldo and Rooney go sprinting on counter attacks without a worry in the world. Thank you for everything Vida !

Nemanja Vidic. Captain. Leader. Killer


Written by Vishnu Gowtham – Graduate Student at Singapore. Data Scientist by Work. Football Fanatic by Nature. #GGMU

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